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Admission Application

☏ 886-2-8786-5872#203

Our Philosophy

Xinyi Hua Wen was established in March 2019 by Dr. Casper Shih , the Father of Taiwan Industrial Automation, combined with entrepreneur Mr. John Wen and educational elites who have gone through the system and still have dreams for education.
The educational goals are "lifelong learning", "innovative thinking", "civic literacy", "character development", and "international mobility", emphasizing the core concepts of "knowledge", "skills" and "attitude and value" of whole-person education, cultivating the future global elites.



Chinese, CLIL English, Coding

Global issues

Science, Social Studies, STREAM

​Arts activities

Physical Education, Arts & Humanities (Visual art, Music, Performance art)


  • Character Education

Self-edited ten core teaching materials for character, conduct character tasks every month, and cultivate students' character through the process of cognition-understanding-practice-internalization.


Four themes (humanities, economy, energy and nature) of PBL/DBL projects throughout primary years to foster and challenge students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Experiential Education & Adventure Time

Activities including cultural elements, ecology, charity, corporate visits, seasonal food, campus exchange, physical adventure and so on to create unique and unforgettable memories for students.

  • Information Technology

Extending the basic skills of programming and computational thinking inspires students to think creatively to solve problems, and enhance the depth and breadth of learning.


Adaptive & Experiential

Hua Wen

Hua Wen Global Institute

No.27, Lane 790, Sec.5, Zhongxiao E Rd. Xinyi District,Taipei City 110040

886-2-8786-5872 #203

Bannan line 

BL20 Houshanpi Station (Exit 2)
about 3 minutes' walk


Taipei City Bus

Bus Stop: MRT Houshanpi Sta., Sec.5, Zhongxiao E Rd.
Bus Routes: 207, 212, 270, 600, 817, Xinyi Taipei Metro Bus

Bus Stop: Zhongxiao and Dadao Intersection, Dadao Rd.
Bus Routes: 46

Bus Stop: Fengtian Temple, Fude St.
Bus Routes: 46, 88, 207, 257, 263, 286, Xinyi Taipei Metro Bus, BL10

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