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Micro School

Big Success

Micro School

Big Success

In the Spring of 2019

A team of dedicated and enthusiastic education professionals, adhering to the philosophy of Dr. Shi, is determined to change our education, starting with the purpose of education and character education. Together, they aim to cultivate future leaders with visions who will soar and thrive as global citizens.

Hua Wen Historical Outline

2017.06  Hua Wen Preparatory Office founded

2017.11  Experimental education schools and institutions visits

2018.02  Curriculum Development, Technology Development and Administration Departments established

2018.06  Hua Wen Consensus Meeting in Wulai, New Taipei City

2018.08  Hua Wen XinYi Campus Groundbreaking Ceremony

2018.11  Hua Wen Professional Development for teachers kicks off

2018.12  Hua Wen Global School receives establishment permit

2019.03  Hua Wen Grand Opening Ceremony and Orientation

2019.03  Hua Wen receives Certificate of Registration



We aim to prepare the next generation to face the uncertainty of the future through basic education; to educate children standing on the shoulders of giants and develop all-round abilities with a consolidated syllabus and rich and complete educational resources. We would like our students to acquire lifelong learning skills and achieve learner autonomy, to become a multi-domain leader with a broad knowledge on different subjects; allowing our children to enjoy a happy and successful life and shine on the world stage.

​Dr. Casper Shih

Chairman of the Modern Enterprise Management Academic Foundation, the Father of Taiwan Industrial Automation


曾任中國生產力中心總經理,為台灣企業界培訓人才超過 50 萬人次,輔導廠商近 4000 家。

I often tell entrepreneurs that attitude is the most important attribute to be considered when employing a person, and early education is the key period in personality development. As Confucius said, character development must take precedence over education. This is truer than ever in the Digital Age in which many jobs will disappear. Therefore, children must be taught how to learn quickly and adapt effectively.

Dr. Casper Shih

Dr. Shih's Educational Philosophy

American educational philosopher John Dewey once said, “Teaching today’s students in the way of yesterday is to deprive them of a better tomorrow.” As such, we must attach importance to and change “the method of learning, the speed of learning, and the meaning of learning,” and redefine the purpose of education as:


To cultivate learning skills: the ultimate goal of education is to guide students in acquiring lifelong learning skills.


To cultivate EQ and compassion: according to Confucius, a noble person respects one’s parents, loves one’s family, shows appreciation and respect, and is honest and trustworthy.


To cultivate creativity: because the emphasis on creativity and conceptual thinking is the key to survival in the future.


To cultivate people who know how to enjoy the meaning of life: those who do will naturally not do anything to harm the meaning and purpose of life. Such a person must be affectionate and virtuous


To cultivate students fluent in Chinese, English and Programming Language, allowing broader learning, better communication, integrating the world with humanities and technological literacy


Micro School

  • Student teacher ratio of 10:1, enabling a better learning experience.

  • Adventure week: The tenth week of every semester is our Adventure Time. Students will set foot on ecological corners spreading across Taiwan, combined with various themes and topics, creating unique and unforgettable memories.

Adaptive Teaching is only possible through Micro Schools




Our Unique Culture

Ideas are to be practiced in order to be realized

  • Internationalize the campus. Our professional teaching staff are dedicated to providing the best international education for our students through our STREAM lessons.

​Hua Wen’s Elite Character Traits

  • We value character education and self-cultivation and aim to develop elite character traits and temperaments.

Shaping a unique learning culture that combines the best aspects of home and campus.

  • Hua Wen holds regular PTAs to work closely with parents to build a learning environment that groom students into autonomous and accomplished learners.

A Complete Education System 

  • Hua Wen provides a complete and versatile education system to build the capacity needed for students to excel in the secondary school stage.

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